Digital Diary Liguria – Celestium

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I’m from Toronto, Canada. I’ve travelled all over my home country and the rest of North America with my family and friends.

miguel barbosa blogger canada liguria digital diaryGetting to travel to Italy for The Digital Diary Liguria was like experiencing multiple trips of a lifetime at once. I was overwhelmed by the people, scenery and food.

Italy is home.

What makes this trip even more amazing if the fact that I was shooting alongside like minded artists from all over the world. I got a kick out of the fact that we all use the same programs but our approaches are totally different. It was a privilege to watch everyone work and learn from them.

miguel barbosa blogger canada liguria digital diaryA definite highlight was the food. Multiple courses, spectacular wine & constant conversation. It was a well catered waiting room to Heaven. Focaccia was my absolute favourite Ligurian food. 

Being around this kind of environment makes it easy for me to translate it to film. Italy is fil
led with visual ambience.
My goal was to cover it in the most cinematic way possible. The result is an enchanting piece that leaves you with a sense of wanderlust.

That’s only a fraction of what Italy offers. Be here and be overwhelmed!

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